Public Academic,
Writer & Lecturer

Public Academic, Writer & Lecturer

Rachel Cargle is an Akron, Ohio born writer, entrepreneur and philanthropic innovation. Her work and upcoming book with Penguin Random House, centers the reimagining of womanhood, solidarity and self and how we are in relationship with ourselves and one another. In 2018 she founded The Loveland Foundation, Inc., a non-profit offering free therapy to Black women and girls.  

Her umbrella company, The Loveland Group houses a collection of Rachel’s social ventures including The Great Unlearn, a self-paced, donation-based learning community, The Great Unlearn for Young Learners – an online learning space for young folks launching in 2022, and Elizabeth’s Bookshop & Writing Centre – an innovative literacy space designed to amplify, celebrate and honor the work of writers who are often excluded from traditional cultural, social and academic canons.

Rachel is a regular contributor to Cultured magazine, Atmos magazine and The Cut, and has been featured in The Washington Post, The New York Times, Forbes, Harper’s Bazaar and The New Yorker. Rachel lives & loves in Brooklyn, New York.

Monthly self paced, self priced learning collective, committed to celebrating and highlighting the genius of academics of colour. 

We have created an online learning platform rooted in providing resources and critical discourse to aid in unlearning. I believe that knowledge leads to action. The Great Unlearn platform is used to both provide education and inspire meaningful action. 

Become a Patreon member and access monthly syllabi, reading lists and live lectures from experts and academics covering topics from the History of Race and America’s Birth story, to Black eco-feminism and much more. 

Elizabeth’s Bookshop & Writing Centre is an innovative literary centre designed to amplify and celebrate marginalized voices. Our catalog highlights promotes, amplifies, celebrates, and honors the work of writers who are often excluded from traditional cultural, social, and academic canons. Through curated collections of own voices’ narratives, Elizabeth’s seeks to educate and re-shape the lens of readers—how they see themselves and how they view the world.

Rachel is a philanthropic innovator. She is the Founder and President of The Loveland Foundation, Inc., a non-profit she began after a widely successful birthday fundraiser that evolved into Therapy For Black Women and Girls. The Loveland Foundation is committed to showing up for communities of color in unique and powerful ways, prioritizing opportunity, access, validation and healing, with a particular focus on Black women and girls. Since inception under a year ago, The Loveland Foundation has offered hundreds of free hours of therapy to Black women and girls.

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In addition to her talk on the TEDx stage, and her appearance on Red Table Talk, her public lecture Unpacking White Feminism has been featured on campuses around the country including American University, Yale and Harvard. Along with a monthly column on HarpersBazar.com, her work has been featured in The washington Post, Glamour Magazine, PopSugar, Afropunk, Essence, Huffington Post, and Refinery 29.