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Thank you for your interest in hosting Rachel Cargle to speak. Rachel is available for select speaking engagements for 2021.
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In her signature lecture, Rachel Cargle explores the history of feminism through the lens of race. Uncover layers of unlearned details, revealing the problematic effects that white-centered activism has had on the past and present of the feminist movement and action items you can take to be more intentional and inclusive.


A refreshing shift from simple goal setting and resolutions, Rachel Cargle helps audiences align around what truly matters within their unique life experiences, and explore how they can show up for those values in everyday life. Cargle guides audiences toward developing a reflective and insightful map that will connect them with their highest values and the softer, more intuitive versions of themselves that deserve priority.

Paid workshop offered virtually and in person

For Your

For Your

This eye-opening lecture explores the various ways that race plays into the everyday lives, structures, and experiences of people living in the United States. By both teaching often untaught history as well as fleshing out the modern manifestations of what we often think of as “left in the past,” this lecture will ignite critical conversation among audiences.

Our Time,
Our Voice

In this motivational lecture geared toward audiences of color, Rachel Cargle uses historical exploration, educational outlines, and meaningful affirmation to inspire participants to find courage and confidence in their voice and lived experiences.